“Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be.” (Faraaz Kazi)

The eyes hold a great power of communication, and eye makeup can do wonders to capture attention. In Ancient Egypt, men and women wore kohl to accentuate their eyes, but also to prevent eye diseases and to honor the gods. The cat eye look, inspired by this period, has become a classic look both on the runway and on the street.

Mascara, eyeshadows and eyeliners started being used in the early 1900s, when women were more liberal and started experimenting with eye makeup, creating trends that come and go. Greta Garbo’s look clashing pale skin and eyes defined with mascara and eyepencil was loved and copied by many.

Nowadays, eye makeup has become a lot more experimental, with young make up artists, like Ruthie Barone (@ruthiebarone), trying out different colors, styles and materials. At the same time, independent brands like Lubov Cosmetics and Milk Makeup are offering diverse products to cater to every gal’s (and guy’s) need.

Make up being something ephemeral, lots of looks are only done for the sake of taking a picture, focusing on the eye. Some accounts are dedicated entirely to showcase the eye, like some sort of “eye museum”.  Employing different techniques to create the most unique, over-the-top look possible, makeup artists strive to show their originality. Each photo of the eye is an artwork in itself. From simply using outlandish eyeshadow colors or putting glitter and accessories to decorate, to literally painting on their eyes, these talented youths are showing that there are no limits to imagination.