Each period in history is distinct for the way people dress, talk, think and make arts. Discovering artworks from the past gives insights to how everyday life used to be. Thus, classical arts are a timeless source of inspiration for creatives of all disciplines. Similar to how intellectuals in the European Renaissance rediscovered ancient arts, artists of today are incorporating their own modern touches into classical paintings and sculptures with the help of technology, like putting in hilarious Snapchat captions or photoshopping in elements of modern life to create a cultural bridge. Lots of graphic designers and art directors managed to make profits by printing out their works or pitching ideas to image-making companies.

For those participating in this trend, social media like Instagram is the place to be. Chris Rellas got famous a while back thanks to his recreations of classic paintings with trending fashion accessories photoshopped in. Similarly, Hajar Benjida, a photography student in Netherlands combined photos of rapper Young Thug and iconic art pieces to prove that there’s a common ground between classical art and rap music. These clever ideas showed us that art appreciation can be fun and inspiring if we can relate to the historical elements.

caroline monastTRENDS