Gaia Bonanomi

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Sensitive, soft and feminine.

 When did you start photography ?

I’ve started using my grandfather’s Image2 when I was a child, he was a photographer and I’ve always admired him. When I grew up my parents gave me a digital reflex and since then I’ve never left the camera. Photography has always been a relief for me: a huge bubble where I could hide from the rest of the world.

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What's the most exciting thing about your industry today ?

That women have a louder voice and a bigger recognition. I feel lucky to live this industry’s time: so many young women are breaking into the fashion photography scene, and this feminine feeling is spreading all over the field.


"It’s all about emotions for me. I use the camera to spread emotions, to steal emotions, to find emotions and to give emotions to the ones who come across my photography. Emotions are life and photography is my way to live life."


Lately you've been inspired by...

Things that are broken, by imperfection, scars and dust, by raw things and real life.


Gaia Bonanomi is a fashion photographer based in Milan. You can follow her on instagram and connect with her on TALENT MAKING TALENT.

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