small talk with yann turchi

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Imperfect, Texturized and Weird. 

Imperfect because I don't like when everything is too clean, I find it a bit boring. Texturized because a good hairstyle is all about texture. Weird because I'm always trying to do weird things but in a cool way. 


What's the most exciting thing about your industry today ?

The possibility to work alongside designers and brands you've known since you were a kid as well as with emerging and truly talented creatives. It's fabulous to have the opportunity to create wonderful stories, share inspirations, build strong looks and styles.

Being a part of all this process is truly amazing and I'm really thankful to all the hair dressers with whom I've worked, who gave me this chance. If you told me 5 years ago that I would be running between London, Paris and Milan to work on fashion shows I would have never believed you. 


I think people like to dress like their parents used to or get inspired by nostalgia in a way. To create new styles with old references is quite challenging but it's the beauty of vintage styling and upcycling !

Pop culture today is all about being "back in the days".



Yann Turchi is a fashion hair stylist based in Paris. You can follow him on instagram and connect with him on TALENT MAKING TALENT.