One of the key ingredients to a good photo is light.

Experimenting with different lightings is one of the most fun part in photography. By either using gel lights at the shoot, or using colored filters in photo-editing software, the photographers can create interesting effects.

Amongst the colors frequently used in photography, red is easily one of the most popular, especially for those working in fashion (a gentle throwback to Guy Bourdin’s famous red lips). It’s the color of romance, of passion and strong emotions.

Exploring works of young and talented photographers who enjoy playing with red lights, we aspire to put an understanding on this particular trend.
In these images, the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the model’s face, eyes and lips. The hint of red light works to brighten these facial features, like setting them on fire.

Red filters can also help to set different moods for the shoot. Doused in red lights, the model’s gaze becomes more intense and contains a hint of sexual invitation, thus bringing out the sensuality of the models (male and female alike) and stimulating an intimate connection between them and the viewers.