small talk with julia falkner

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Effervescent, surrealist, androgynous.

 When did you start photography ?

Born in Schlaiten, an isolated village in the Austrian mountains, my way into art and photography was not the most obvious. From an early age, I was passionate about creating. The discipline, however, was yet to be determined. 

In Austria, I expressed myself through writing before moving to London fours years ago and discovering my passion for photography.

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 The first thing you want to convey with your work is...

Every single image should feel like it is part of a story, to touch you and raise questions. I use techniques from documentary to create fashion stories and vice versa. A recurring theme throughout my photography is androgyny. I seek to capture traits of masculinity that are still stigmatized as ‘’effeminate’’ such as: self-expression through dressing, softness and vulnerability.


What's the most exciting thing about your industry today ?

I find it exciting how the landscape of photography is shifting, how the young generation of photographers is able to communicate in a much more diverse way even for commercial purposes it becomes more and more about getting a message out there not only selling clothes.

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Lately you've been inspired by...

My little cousin who is thirteen and his view on masculinity inspired me to start a project I am working on currently.


Julia Falkner is a fashion photographer based in London. You can follow her on instagram and connect with her on TALENT MAKING TALENT.