Oumayma, 25, Montreal.


Describe your city to someone who has never been before.

Montreal is a chill metropolis, completely multicultural with plenty of green spaces and a great creative energy. It’s a good city to start a career, experiment and meet people, the lifestyle is inexpensive and the living is easy. It’s quite small so it doesn’t take too long to know pretty much everyone.


What are your favourite local spots for creativity ?

The metro station Côte Vertu is strangely inspiring. You can cross all kinds of people whom, for the most part, just immigrated to Canada. They often have a super strong personality, you can feel it in their clothes and see it in the way they walk. I like to watch people walk in front of that metro, and I know I’m not the only one to do so.


How do you envision the workplace for our generation ?

Our generation is very independent and individualistic. I think we will tend to innovate more, to be our own bosses rather than having a traditional 9 to 5 jobs. 

I really feel how new technologies are changing and affecting the way we work. In Montreal’s fashion industry, where it’s already hard to evolve, the client is increasingly asking for quantity instead of quality.


What changes would you like to see in the world ?

Less overconsumption of our natural resources, of meat and ridiculously useless objects. I’m not a material girl and I always fail to understand this need to use and consume.


Who are your favourite local collaborators ?

Local designers Eliza Faulkner and Xavier Laruelle. Oh, and definitely check out The Editorial Magazine.


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