About yourself.

I grew up in Paris and studied in London. Then I felt like something was missing. Not from a creative point of view, but more of a down to earth thing. I had been in Berlin, and what truly stroke me back then, was the quality of life. The city feels like freedom, like airiness.


Describe your city to someone who has never been before.

Berlin is not like, complete yet. It’s not closed, it’s not fully constructed. You can always see the city growing, just by walking around. Nothing is fixed, specially in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. I feel constantly stimulated by my close environment. Thanks to the UE, I feel like home in Berlin. I haven’t registered anywhere, I could leave at anytime. I don’t have to choose, and that’s great because I am not set yet. I’m just a grateful wanderer.


What is the first thing you want people to see ?

Youth is the beating heart of Berlin, and the gay community is strong and welcoming ; it’s very international. Pretty much every art is represented.  It’s a virtuous circle.


What are your favourite local spots for creativity ?

Any construction site.


Words of wisdom for today's youth ?

I feel like today’s youth is more and more informed and involved. Although what troubles me is that often, after cohesion, individuals don’t take action. The biggest challenge is to be less about ourselves and more open-minded. To show more respect because we just can’t make it on our own anyway.  


How do you envision the workplace for our generation ?

I work at home. I live with another creative person, so our place turns to a studio by day. I try to respect office hours, I don’t text or email after hours. Berlin is a bit too chill for me. But it gives me time to question my work, research and update every subject. It helps me get perspective.


Erik Raynal is a freelance fashion stylist and creative consultant working in Paris, London and Berlin. In 2012, he founded the digital fashion and contemporary arts and culture MKR Magazine. Since 2014, the magazine has merged with the creative agency Triptyque. Collaborate with Erik on


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